Sunday, 10 July 2011

a thing begins

Ah, the tenth of July. Could there be a more appropriate day for a thing to begin?

It's exactly six days after American Independence Day and two weeks and six days since the summer solstice. Hmm... six... six and six? I'm pretty sure a pattern's emerging. Off stage a faint meowing is heard. Shut up Coincidence Cat! Meowing like you exist at every coincidence that happens to coincide. Yeah that's right; scuttle back to your scratching post. Have a nice, long scratch.

Sorry about that. The place seems to be overrun with cats. But you'll meet them soon enough. Or perhaps not. Anyway, this thing that's begin-ed. This thung that's begun. It's no Declaration of Independence. It wasn't danced into existence by druids. It just began. I guess... sort of like the universe. Although, the universe is arguably a bit better. Still, neither of them existed, and now they both exist. They eased themselves out of waves of potentiality. Are they potentially waving at me? Or is it the person behind me? Shall I wave back? Potentially.

There are a lot of customs available to draw on at the start of things. We could smash a ribbon or cut a bottle. Throw a thing-warming party. State a few aims. Maybe a hypothesis? A null hypothesis even? But I think the customs are all pointless in this situation. They're null, with the null hypothesis being the nullest of the null. I can already tell that the thing is going to have a hard time being just a thing and not digressing into a majig or a mabob. And any grand visions of what's to come are only likely to be proved wrong, or unnecessarily restrict the thing's course of movements. Which may or may not be the last thing we want to do.

Still, for now it's only a little thing and I say give the poor bugger a chance. Let it go where it wants to go. Let it do what it wants to do. Let it—oh, it's slinking off. Alright then thing, off you go. Until next time thing. Until next time.

Image: Lisa Lightfoot - Wave of Love


  1. nice work. that wave looks like a giant sperm. until next time...

  2. About time! I like, thumbs up, 5 star

  3. @Ben Reillythank you for noticing. the sperm is the starting point of life after all. until next time benji.